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PFAW Endorses Joseph R. Biden for President, Citing Courts, COVID, and Competency


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WASHINGTON, D.C.— People For the American Way today announced the organization’s endorsement of former Vice President Joseph R. Biden for President. PFAW President Ben Jealous released the following statement:

“Today People For the American Way is proud to endorse Joe Biden for President. We do this against the grim backdrop of 200 Trump judges confirmed to the federal bench. After four years of Donald Trump’s corruption and inept leadership, Biden offers a way forward when it comes to courts, COVID, and competency. He understands the critical role that fair courts play in our daily lives, at a time when Trump’s far-right judges threaten our fundamental rights and liberties. It is worth noting that in the midst of a pandemic, these judges are also being appointed to scrap Obamacare. Biden is a seasoned and steady hand to guide us out of the health and economic disasters created by Trump’s bungling of the COVID crisis. He embraces the need for structural solutions to deep-rooted problems, and will continue the work begun by President Obama to build a bridge to a better future. Finally, at President Obama’s side and in many other circumstances, he has shown the willingness to stand as a bulwark against hate. That commitment is sorely needed after years of an administration that stoked hate and cruelty for its own purposes.

“We look forward to mobilizing our 1.5 million members to help elect Joe Biden as President of the United States, and we will continue to work as hard as we can to make that victory a reality in November.”

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