PFAW Hails Strong Tally Against Alito


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Notes Moral Victories are Not Sufficient

Following today’s vote to confirm Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court, People For the American Way President Ralph G. Neas had the following statement:

“Today’s 58-42 vote to confirm Samuel Alito represents the second highest number of votes against a confirmed Supreme Court nominee in the nation’s history. The vote represents an extraordinary effort by the progressive movement which, despite daunting odds from the beginning, never gave up, made a compelling case against confirmation, and rallied several million Americans to contact their senators to oppose Alito. People For the American Way, which generated 600,000 faxes and e-mails to the Senate in just the past several days, praises especially those Senators who did everything possible to oppose the confirmation of Judge Alito.

“But moral victories are not sufficient. People For the American Way pledges to intensify its grassroots mobilization to safeguard the constitutional rights and liberties of every American. Most importantly, progressive Democrats, Republicans, and Independents must work to ensure that someday soon there will be a progressive Senate that better represents the values and beliefs of a significant majority of the American people.”