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PFAW: McConnell’s Return to Washington is Reckless


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WASHINGTON, D.C. — With news that the Senate will return to Capitol Hill on Monday, May 4, while the House postpones because of the advice of Congress’ physician, People For the American Way Executive Vice President for Policy and Program Marge Baker released the following statement about the reckless risks:

“Mitch McConnell’s decision to ignore the advice of the attending physician of Congress and return the Senate to Washington, DC, is reckless and dangerous. McConnell’s plan to reconvene puts congressional staffers, Capitol Hill police, janitors, cafeteria workers, the public and essential workers in and around the Capitol area at risk for contracting the coronavirus. Infection rates are still climbing in the Capitol region and instead of being part of the problem, McConnell should be part of the solution to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, to pass more funding for states and funding to secure our elections, and to be a better example in taking the all necessary steps to ensure that frontline workers at high risk of exposure for the coronavirus, and the entire American public, have the health and safety protections we need to get back to work.”

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