PFAW Releases Final Pre-Hearing Report on Roberts

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 2, 2005

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Report’s more than 100 pages of detailed analysis of Supreme Court nominee’s record lead to the inescapable conclusion that he should not be confirmed

Today, People For the American Way released its final pre-hearing report in opposition to the confirmation of John Roberts to the United States Supreme Court. Following the initial report PFAW released last week in opposition to the Roberts nomination, the report contains additional detailed analysis of Roberts’ record.

PFAW’s new report can be viewed here.

“Momentum has shifted dramatically. Premature predictions that John Roberts would be confirmed with little debate and no real opposition are giving way,” Neas said. “The near-daily revelations about his record and judicial philosophy have led to increasing opposition to his confirmation, and the report we are releasing today shows why. John Roberts is out of step with most Americans when it comes to some of the most fundamental questions a Supreme Court justice could face. He should not be confirmed.”

At 123 pages, the report PFAW is releasing today contains additional analysis of Roberts’ record in the Reagan and Bush I Administrations as well as analysis of the record he compiled during his short tenure as a federal judge.

“This report contains a more detailed legal analysis of the Roberts record, but its conclusion is the same: John Roberts does not belong on the U.S. Supreme Court,” said PFAW President Ralph G. Neas. “The record clearly shows that John Roberts is no Sandra Day O’Connor. His confirmation would push the Supreme Court far to the right and threaten the right to privacy, civil rights and anti-discrimination protections, reproductive rights and reproductive health, and the separation of church and state. His record also indicates that he would work to take away congressional power to use the Constitution’s Commerce Clause to protect clean air and clean water and the health and safety of our nation’s citizens.