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PFAW Response to McConnell Rejection of HR1


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WASHINGTON, D.C.— In response to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell rejecting a unanimous consent request to bring the For The People Act (HR1) (S. 949) to the Senate floor for a vote, People For the American Way Executive Vice President for Policy and Program Marge Baker released the following statement:

“Once again, Mitch McConnell is blocking not only the will of the people, but critically important efforts supported by the House of Representatives to address systemic challenges to our democracy. The For The People Act, H.R. 1, that passed the House earlier this year, contains the most sweeping and substantial set of reforms to pass either chamber in decades. For months, Senator McConnell has refused to take up this bill. Campaign finance reform, gerrymandering, the right to vote, ethics in government, and foreign interference in our elections are all part of this timely and badly needed package of reforms. By blocking a motion by Senate Democrats to bring it to the floor, Mitch McConnell has signaled yet again that his true allegiances lie elsewhere, not with the American people.”

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