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PFAW Statement on Firing of Attorney General Jeff Sessions: “An Attempt to Attack and Undermine the Mueller Investigation”


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In response to the announcement that Donald Trump demanded the resignation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, People For the American Way Executive Vice President Marge Baker issued the following statement.

“Jeff Sessions amassed an appalling record of extremism as Attorney General, but it’s clear that’s not why Donald Trump demanded his resignation. This is unquestionably an attempt to attack and undermine the Mueller investigation, and no one who cares about the rule of law should stand for it.

“Matthew Whitaker, Trump’s pick to become acting Attorney General, should not be permitted to interfere with the investigation. Whitaker is a political appointee who has not been confirmed by the Senate and has already made critical statements about the Mueller investigation. Unless he’s willing to make clear commitments to protect the full scope and capabilities of the Mueller investigation, he should recuse himself from any oversight responsibilities. That means, among other things, committing not to remove the Special Counsel from his duties except for extraordinary impropriety, not to prevent the Special Counsel from making public statements, and providing resources that will allow the Special Counsel to do his job to his full abilities.

“Anything less would be an assault on our system of justice and the rule of law.”

People For the American Way is supporting, a collaborative effort of dozens of groups from across the political and ideological spectrum representing millions of people working to protect the rule of law and the Mueller investigation.

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