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PFAW Statement on Trump Goal of Barring Immigrants from “Shithole Countries”


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In response to Donald Trump’s comments degrading immigrants from Africa and Latin America, People For the American Way President Michael Keegan issued the following statement:

“Trump’s comments were racist and despicable—plain and simple. From day one, he has pandered to and energized white supremacists, pushing damaging smears about entire communities and now entire countries. Somehow he still finds ways to sink to new lows. His eagerness to spew racist lies is not only an embarrassment to our country, it has a real impact on real people. Degrading immigrants from entire regions is as dangerous as it is despicable. But it’s not enough to call out his offensive rhetoric. Any elected official who continues to support Trump’s racist agenda is complicit.”

PFAW Political Director Lizet Ocampo said:

“What Donald Trump exposed this week is what many of us already knew: this has never been about immigration, it is about white supremacy.

“When the President wants to deny immigration only from black and brown countries, and encourage immigration only from white countries; when he wants to end Temporary Protected Status, protection for Dreamers, and family reunification, it is clear that this is not about ‘illegal’ immigration, and it is and always has been about an out of touch man who believes he is only the President of White America.

“America is being dragged into the mud by Donald Trump. But there is hope, with the dark underbelly of American racism exposed, we have an opportunity to choose a new direction in 2018. Hopefully this will serve as a turning point, a moment where Americans look in the mirror and decide this is not the direction we want to take our great nation.”

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