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PFAW: Trump Message on Police Reform Is Offensive, Tone-Deaf and Inadequate


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WASHINGTON, D.C.— Following today’s Rose Garden announcement by Donald Trump that he is signing an executive order calling for a series of policing reforms, PFAW President Ben Jealous released the following statement:

“Today’s address by Donald Trump on police violence was offensive, tone-deaf and inadequate. Instead of focusing on victims of police violence, he cast police as the wronged parties. He fell back on the ‘law and order’ dog whistles he so often sends to his base. This executive order will do nothing to change policing on the ground, does not address accountability for police violence and lacks the meaningful changes we need for real reform. It is a cynical effort to respond to overwhelming political pressure, coming from a president who called for the use of military force on peaceful protesters for a photo op. Just two weeks ago, he threatened to ‘quickly solve the problem’ for governors throughout the country who did do not deploy the National Guard in sufficient numbers to ‘dominate the streets’ during protests. If Trump were serious about policing reform, he would get behind the far more comprehensive proposals taking shape in the House. Today’s address and executive order were just one more piece of political grandstanding by a president who has never acknowledged let alone cared about deep-rooted problems of police violence and systemic racism.”

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