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PFAW: Whistleblower Complaint Is “Critical Turning Point” for House

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 23, 2019

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WASHINGTON, D.C. In response to reports that President Trump may have pushed the president of Ukraine to investigate the son of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, possibly in exchange for U.S. military aid, and the refusal of administration officials to provide Congress with the whistleblower complaint related to those allegations, PFAW President Michael Keegan released the following statement:  

“We have reached a critical turning point. If President Trump did indeed use his office to pressure a foreign power to help him damage a political rival, there is no question that is an impeachable offense. Let’s also remember that unlike the allegations of Trump’s entanglement with Russia that have hung over him for years now, this reported activity would have taken place not while Trump was a private citizen or candidate, but while he was the sitting President of the United States.  The Trump administration must provide Congress with the whistleblower complaint immediately and the person who filed it must be allowed to speak to the Senate and House Intelligence Committees. If the complaint does not unequivocally exonerate the president — or if it is not provided — the House Judiciary Committee should move promptly to draft, file and process articles of impeachment. Not only that, Republicans in the House and Senate must abandon their efforts to shield this president and finally make the decision to put country ahead of party, as they should have done long before now.”     

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