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PFAW Wins Best Spanish Language Radio Ad


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WASHINGTON – People For the American Way won the 'Best Spanish Language Radio Ad' category at Campaigns & Elections Magazine's Reed Awards.

The ad, produced by Chambers Lopez Strategies, ran leading up to the 2015 elections in Northern Virginia, including the critical State Senate District 29, where Democrat Jeremy McPike won his highly contested race. In the innovative bilingual ad, a mother speaking Spanish urged her English-speaking daughter to stand up against Donald Trump's hate by voting against Republicans on Election Day. When it launched, it was lauded as "the first ad that uses Trump to drive Latino voters to the polls,” and was featured in media outlets including the Washington Post, USA Today, and La Opinion.

"We are proud that our ad won the Reed Award for Best Spanish Language Radio Ad," said PFAW President Michael Keegan. "This ad was only the beginning of what has and will be a strong campaign from our Latinos Vote! program to get out the vote in key battleground states against extreme, anti-immigrant candidates like Donald Trump and his fellow Republican presidential contenders. We know that engaging Latino voters around the extremism of Trump and the GOP is critical to winning the White House, and we look forward to continuing to build those connections in new and innovative ways."

In addition to launching the radio ad, PFAW also traveled with our board member and civil rights leader Dolores Huerta to get out the vote in SD-29, where Latino voters were an important part of Democrat Jeremy McPike's winning coalition. More information about PFAW's successful efforts in SD-29 is here.

Listen to the ad, in Spanish, here.


MAMÁ: Pásame la sal. Ahora sí mi'jita. A votar.
HIJA: Ay mom, what for?
MAMÁ: ¿Cómo que para qué? Para empezar, para callarle la bocota a Trump.
HIJA: Really?
MAMÁ: Claro que really. ¿O a poco estás de acuerdo con lo que dice de los hispanos?
HIJA: You know I don't.
MAMÁ: Y a ver ¿Quieres que tus hijos tengan pre-school, que reciban una buena educación y que puedan ir a la universidad por un costo razonable?
HIJA: Of course I do.
MAMÁ: Pues decisiones como estas son las que estás apoyando con tu voto. Por eso tenemos que votar por los demócratas. Y más cuando son elecciones locales.
MAMÁ: Porque Trump no es el único. Los Republicanos de Virginia han propuesto rastrear a los inmigrantes como si fueran paquetes y hasta nos han comparado con ratas.
HIJA: Unbelievable.
MAMÁ: Sí. Por eso hay que votar demócrata y en contra de Trump y los Republicanos, mi'ja. El 3 de noviembre.
HIJA: Mom, you are right. We have to vote.
VO DISCLAIMER: Este anuncio fue pagado por People for the American Way.

English Translation:

MOM: Pass me the salt.  Time to vote, mi'jita.*
DAUGHTER: Oh, what for mom?
MOM: What do you mean what for? For starters, to shut Trump's big mouth.
MOM: Yeah, "really". Or do you agree with what he says about Hispanics?
DAUGHTER: You know I don't.
MOM: And tell me: Do you want your children to have pre-school, that they get a good education and are able to attend college for a cost that’s reasonable?
DAUGHTER:  Of course I do
MOM: Well, these are the kind of decisions you are supporting with your vote. That's why we have to vote for the democrats. And even more in local elections.
MOM: Because Trump is not the only one. Republicans in Virginia have proposed tracking immigrants like packages and even compared us to rats!
DAUGHTER: Unbelievable.
MOM: Yes. That’s why we have to vote for Democrats and say NO to Trump and the Republicans mi'ja. On November 3rd.
DAUGHTER: Mom, you are right. We have to vote.
VO DISCLAIMER: People For the American Way sponsored this ad.
*Mi'jita is an expression/short for "my little daughter"