Supreme Court Declines Review In Bedford School Case


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Court’s Decision Brings Close to Religious Right Attack on School District

This week the United States Supreme Court declined to review a case that made headlines with accusations of school-promoted Satanism made by parents backed by Religious Right groups. The Court’s decision marks a final defeat of the aggressive and deceptive campaign that was waged against school officials in New York’s Bedford Central School District.

People For the American Way Foundation, which filed friend of the court briefs in the lower courts on behalf of a group of parents defending the school district against the charges, welcomed the conclusion of the case. The Court’s decision not to hear the case leaves intact a federal appeals court ruling dismissing all claims by the plaintiffs, who had challenged a wide range of activities and curricula in Bedford schools, from teaching about world religions to allowing students to play the card game Magic.

“We are grateful that school officials and parents in Bedford can put this issue to rest,” said People For the American Way Foundation President Ralph G. Neas. “It is unfortunate that so much time and energy has been spent to deal with charges that had so little merit. We are proud to have stood with this community in defense of its schools.”

People For the American Way Foundation frequently assists parents and other citizens resisting Religious Right-backed efforts to control public school curricula, as well as unconstitutional religious activities in public schools.

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