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Raquel Jones

Vice President of Campaigns and Programs

Raquel Jones is the Vice President of Campaigns and Programs at People For the American Way. Raquel has been essential to the growth of the Young Elected Official’s Network, where she has committed to supporting the newest generation of progressive trailblazers and works to foster their leadership and professional growth.  She has overseen the successful planning and execution of the Front Line Leaders Academy, a youth values-based training program, and she has created space for women legislators to convene and organize through the expansion of the network’s Women’s Caucus Fellowship. Through her commitment to public service, Ms. Jones is working to create a new political system of truly representative government that will amplify the voices of youth and marginalized communities; and she is spearheading programs to bring both a racial and gender equity lens to progressive policy making.

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Raquel Jones's Areas of Expertise

  • Young Elected Officials
  • Women’s Leadership
  • Coalition Building