President’s Council

At this critical time in history People For the American Way has the responsibility to aggressively, and steadfastly work to recreate an America that respects constitutional values. As a member of PFAW’s President’s Council you will provide the leadership and vision necessary to overcome and counter damages done by the Right, while protecting liberty, equality, justice, and opportunity for all Americans.

By making a commitment of $1,000 or more per year, President’s Council members provide PFAW and PFAW Foundation with crucial funding to expose the lies and agenda of the Right, while combating its attempts to regain power. The average contribution is $2,500.

As a member of PFAW’s President’s Council you will stand with America’s most committed leaders, and experience the personal satisfaction of knowing you played an integral role in defending justice, equal opportunity, tolerance, and constitutional liberty.

To join the President’s Council, fill out this online form or call Jade Kling at (202) 467-2326.