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Buying a Movement 09/11/1996
Dobson’s Choice: Religious Right Leader Becomes Political Power Broker 09/14/1996
John Ashcroft's First Year as Attorney General 02/04/2002
Courting Disaster: Update 2001-2002 06/27/2002
Opposing The Confirmation of Charles W. Pickering, Sr. to The United States Court Of Appeals For The Fifth Circuit 07/22/2002
Editorial Memorandum: The Right's Revisionism on the Defeat of the Pickering Nomination 07/22/2002
Editorial Memorandum: The Demand for a Senate Floor Vote on Pickering: How the Right is Wrong 07/22/2002
The Dissents Of Priscilla Owen: A Judicial Nominee Who Would Make The Law, Not Interpret It 07/23/2002
The Good Book Taught Wrong: Bible History Classes in Florida Public Schools 07/23/2002
Wolf in Sheep's Clothing: National Council on Bible Curriculum in Public Schools 07/23/2002
Editorial Memorandum: John Ashcroft’s Relentless Assault on Civil Liberties 07/23/2002
John Ashcroft's First Six Months at the Justice Department: The Right Wing Dream Team Takes Over 07/23/2002
A Model to Avoid: Arizona's Tuition Tax Credit Law 07/24/2002
Community Voice or Captive of the Right? A Closer Look at the Black Alliance for Educational Options 07/24/2002
Punishing Success: The Governor's Proposed Education Budget in Wisconsin and the SAGE and Voucher Programs 07/25/2002
The Case Against the Confirmation of John Ashcroft as Attorney General of the United States: PART I 08/01/2002
Ordering the Courts: Right Wing Attacks on Judicial Independence in 2000 08/01/2002
Anti-Gay Politics and the Religious Right 08/09/2002
Voters Affirm Commitment to Public Schools And Reject Vouchers on November 7 08/20/2002
Sabotaging Science: Creationist Strategies in the '90's 08/28/2002
Back to School with the Religious Right 08/28/2002
"Parental Rights" 08/29/2002
Teaching Fear 08/29/2002
The Federalist Society: From Obscurity to Power 08/29/2002
Evolution and Creationism in Public Education 08/29/2002
Courting Disaster: Update 2000-2001 08/29/2002
The Case Against the Confirmation of John Ashcroft As Attorney General of the United States: Part II 08/29/2002
People for the American Way Report in Opposition to the Confirmation of Michael W. McConnell 09/17/2002
Privatization of Public Education: A Joint Venture of Charity and Power 09/18/2002
PFAW Concerns About Miguel Estrada Detailed in Letter To Senate Judiciary Committee 09/25/2002
The Real Record of Michael McConnell 10/08/2002
America's Election Snafus: 2001-2002 10/24/2002
Why the Senate Judiciary Committee Was Right to Reject the Confirmation of Charles W. Pickering, Sr. to the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit 01/23/2003
Why The Senate Judiciary Committee Was Right to Reject the Nomination of Priscilla Owen 01/23/2003
Opposition to Jeffrey Sutton's Nomination to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit 01/24/2003
The Nomination of Jeffrey Sutton: A Post-Hearing Report 02/13/2003
The Illinois Tuition Tax Credit: Who Gets the Credit? Who Pays the Consequences? 03/03/2003
2nd Hearing Confirms Case Against Priscilla Owen 03/25/2003
Opposing Carolyn Kuhl's Confirmation 03/31/2003
Executive Summary: Kuhl Post-Hearing Report 05/06/2003
William Pryor: Unfit to Judge 06/09/2003
Courting Disaster 2005 06/17/2003
Civil Rights and Civil Liberties in the Supreme Court's 2002-2003 Term 06/27/2003
Voucher Veneer: The Deeper Agenda to Privatize Public Education 07/08/2003
Upcoming Supreme Court Term Includes Important Cases on Civil Rights, Constitutional Liberties, States’ Rights 09/25/2003
Dereliction of Duty 01/23/2004
Confirmed Judges Confirm Our Worst Fears 01/23/2004
PFAW Report on William G. Myers III 02/02/2004
Undermining the Bill of Rights: The Bush Administration Detention Policy 04/23/2004
The Long Shadow of Jim Crow: Voter Suppression in America 09/01/2004
UN-dermined: The Right's Disdain for the UN and International Treaties 01/01/2005
Flaws and Failings 02/05/2005
Supreme Court End-of-Term Analysis: 2005-06 Term 09/17/2005
The Patriot Pastors Electoral War Against the 'Hordes of Hell' 07/10/2006
Ralph Reed: The Crash of the Choir-Boy Wonder 07/21/2006
The New Face of Jim Crow: Voter Suppression in America 08/24/2006
David Barton: Propaganda Masquerading as History 09/21/2006
The State of the Judiciary and the Bush Legacy 09/25/2008
Carolyn Kuhl's Misleading Testimony Concerning the Sanchez-Scott Case 10/02/2008
Federal Judge Terrence Boyle Unfit for Promotion to Appeals Court 10/02/2008
Carolyn Kuhl’s Hearing Strengthened the Case Against Her Confirmation 10/02/2008
Prop 8's Call to Extremism 10/15/2008
The Human Toll: How Individual Americans Have Fared at the Hands of Bush Judges 10/21/2008
More Rights At Stake: A Preview of the Supreme Court's 2008-09 Term 10/21/2008
A Lou Engle Hit Parade 11/05/2008
Beyond the Sigh of Relief: Justices in the Role of Marshall and Brennan 12/08/2008
Harry Jackson: Point Man for the Wedge Strategy 04/28/2009
The Citizens United Decision and How to Fix It 01/26/2010
Manhattan Declaration: Old Poison, New Packaging 02/09/2010
GOP Obstruction of Executive Branch Nominees 03/03/2010
Broad Based Support for Dawn Johnsen 03/26/2010
Republican Obstruction of Executive and Judicial Nominees 04/20/2010
Editorial Memo: The Right's Recycled Supreme Court Strategy 05/06/2010
Choosing the Next Supreme Court Justice: Lessons From the Jurisprudence of Associate Justice John Paul Stevens 05/07/2010
Letter to Attorney General Holder from Progressive Organizations on Miranda and the Public Safety Exception 05/17/2010
Questions and Answers About the Boycott of Arizona 05/17/2010
20 Questions for Solicitor General Kagan 06/17/2010
PFAW Memo: Evaluating the Kagan Hearings 07/13/2010
PFAW Memo: Robert Gibbs, the “Professional Left”, and the Opportunity We Can’t Miss 08/17/2010
Losing Their Appeal: The Real Reason the Right is Terrified by the Prop 8 Case 08/24/2010
Rise of the Corporate Court: How the Supreme Court is Putting Businesses First 09/20/2010
After Citizens United: A Look into the Pro-Corporate Players in American Politics 10/21/2010
John Boehner, A Profile in Corporatism 11/08/2010
Citizens Blindsided: Secret Corporate Money in the 2010 Elections and America’s New Shadow Democracy 11/18/2010
Letter to Senate Leadership from Progressive Organizations Calling for an End to the Backlog of Judicial Nominees 11/18/2010
A Government That Works: Americans Want a Functioning Government 11/22/2010
Holding Judges Hostage 12/10/2010
GOP Senators Target Judicial Nominees of Color 12/22/2010
Changing How We Treat Judicial Nominees 01/05/2011
Health Care Reform Repeal: Bought and Paid for by Citizens United 01/19/2011
One Year After the Citizens United v. FEC Decision 01/19/2011
Editorial Memorandum: Judicial Nominees and the State of the Union 01/25/2011
The GOP Takes Its War on Women to the States 03/07/2011
PFAW Edit Memo: Progress on Judicial Confirmations (But Not Enough) 03/08/2011
PFAW Edit Memo: The Lesson From One Year of Health Care Reform—Pay Attention to the Courts 03/23/2011
Letter to Haley Barbour from PFAW President Michael Keegan 03/25/2011
Trent Franks Beyond the Pale: Representing the Extremist Wing of the Republican Party 03/31/2011
Anatomy of a Koch-a-Thon: Sham Budget Hearings Brought to You by the Koch Brothers 04/14/2011
Issa’s Hydrofracking Hearing: The Facts 05/04/2011
Transcript of PFAW's Teleconference on Hydrofracking 05/06/2011
GOP Leaders’ Favorite ‘Historian’ David Barton on The Daily Show: Dishonest History & Frightening Constitutional Theory 05/12/2011
Why is the GOP keeping women and people of color off the bench? 05/31/2011
Ten Questions for Tim Pawlenty 05/31/2011
Questions for the Candidates: What We’d Like to See Asked at Tonight’s GOP Debate 06/13/2011
The 2010-2011 Supreme Court Term: Corporate Power v. People’s Rights 06/14/2011
Judiciary Committee Republicans: Delay for Delay’s Sake 06/15/2011
Barriers to Justice and Accountability: How the Supreme Court's Recent Rulings Will Affect Corporate Behavior 06/29/2011
Gov. Rick Perry’s Extremist Allies 07/28/2011
Time to Stop GOP Obstruction of Judicial Nominees 08/02/2011
PFAW Edit Memo: The Response: Rick Perry Jockeys For The Fringe Vote 08/04/2011
The Wisconsin Six: The Backbone of Scott Walker's Extreme Agenda 08/09/2011
Corporate Infusion: What the Tea Party’s Really Serving America 09/14/2011
The True Spirit of the Union 09/19/2011
The Citizens United Era: How the Supreme Court Continues to Put Business First 09/28/2011
The Supreme Court vs. Individual Americans in the Citizens United Era: What’s on Tap for the Coming Supreme Court Term 10/03/2011
ALEC IN ARIZONA: The Voice of Corporate Special Interests in the Halls of Arizona's Legislature 11/28/2011
ALEC in Ohio: The Corporate Special Interests That Help Write Ohio's Laws 03/06/2012
The War on Women 04/13/2012
Borking America 04/17/2012
12 Rules for Mixing Religion and Politics 08/02/2012
The 2012-13 Supreme Court Term: Many More Chances for Conservative Mischief 09/28/2012
The Right to Vote Under Attack, 2012 Update 10/29/2012
The Importance of the Supreme Court in the 2012 Presidential Election 11/01/2012
The Critically Important DC Circuit Court 02/20/2013
The Right Wing Takes Aim at Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act 02/26/2013
America's Progress at Risk: Restoring Balance to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals 03/21/2013
Equal Protection or "Social Tradition": The Supreme Court's Test in the Marriage Cases 03/25/2013
Money Out, Voters In: A Guide to Democratic Reform 09/19/2013
Employment Non-Discrimination Act: Judging Employees by Their Work Performance, Not by Who They Are or Who They Love 09/30/2013
The Gospel of Citizens United: In Hobby Lobby, Corporations Pray for the Right to Deny Workers Contraception 03/21/2014
How The Supreme Court's McCutcheon Decision Could Balloon Spending In State Elections 05/13/2014
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Dissenting For Democracy 07/16/2014
PFAW Edit Memo: 2014 – A Year of Striking Success on Judicial Nominations 12/17/2014
Religious Liberty: Shield or Sword? 02/09/2015
What's Wrong With State 'Religious Liberty' Legislation? 02/24/2015
The Supreme Court in the Citizens United Era: A Century After the Lochner Era, the Roberts Court Imposes a Startling New Corporatism on America 04/09/2015
Education Without Discrimination: Creating Safe Schools for All Students 04/14/2015
Judgment Day 2016: The Future of the Supreme Court as a Critical Issue in the 2016 Presidential Election 09/23/2015
Corporations, Unions, and Constitutional Democracy: When It Comes to Politics, the Roberts Court Makes Corporations Strong and Unions Weak 01/11/2016
The Agenda of National School Choice Week: Don't Be Blinded by the Bright Yellow Scarves 01/25/2016
Material Harm to Our System of Justice: The Consequences of an Eight-Member Supreme Court 05/19/2016
Who Is Weaponizing Religious Liberty? 05/31/2016
The 2016 Election and the Economic War on Women 06/20/2016
Betsy DeVos Nomination a New High-Water Mark in Right Wing’s Long War on Public Education 01/12/2017
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