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Michael B. Keegan

Michael Keegan has extensive experience as a business executive, philanthropist and longtime board member of both People For the American Way and People For the American Way Foundation, beginning his tenure with the organizations in 1994. In that time, Michael has been an active participant on all of the key board committees overseeing the program activities of the organizations. He has shown a deep commitment not only to the institutions themselves, but to the values and guiding principles on which People For the American Way and People For Foundation base their missions. As President, he brings with him a unique wealth of knowledge about People For from his 20 years of involvement with the organization. He is based in Washington, DC after spending 25 years in Southern California.

As President, Michael has helped significantly enlarge PFAW’s membership base and expand its work to address the challenges unleashed by recent Supreme Court rulings vastly expanding the power of big money in our democracy. He’s also led the creation of People For the American Way’s Latino voter campaign, which ensures that right-wing candidates are held accountable for their anti-Latino and anti-immigrant rhetoric on Election Day. Under his leadership, PFAW led an unprecedented six-state campaign in 2012 that helped President Obama win a decisive portion of America’s growing Latino vote and thus a second term as President. In 2013, PFAW launched an aggressive media and field organizing campaign in Virginia that led to the defeat of far-right poster boy Ken Cuccinelli.

Michael has a rich background in progressive activism, particularly in the area of LGBT equality. He is a founding national board member of The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD). Michael also serves as a trustee of the Muriel Pollia Foundation and served on the board of the Los Angeles Library Foundation.

Prior to heading People For the American Way, Michael worked in various capacities in real estate and the media and entertainment industries, at companies such as Columbia Pictures and at Act III Communications where he served as President of the 500-screen Act III Theatres Circuit. He received his MBA in International Business and Entertainment Management from Columbia University. He received his BA in American Studies from Vanderbilt University where he was President of the Student Body. He was awarded a post graduate traveling fellowship to travel and study in 24 countries in the developing countries on four continents. The fellowship is currently given annually in his name.



Marge Baker
Executive Vice President for Policy and Program

Marge Baker is Executive Vice President at People For the American Way, where she oversees the organization’s policy and programmatic work. She has led PFAW’s campaign in support of a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United and related cases, and she’s served as the organization’s spokesperson and chief strategist for its ongoing work to confirm fair-minded judges to the federal judiciary. In her work at People For she has focused on building diverse progressive coalitions designed to win meaningful victories on key progressive issues. She has served for more than 35 years in various public service roles. Prior to her current position she was the Staff Director for the late Senator Paul Wellstone on the Senate’s Employment, Safety and Training Subcommittee. Ms. Baker is a graduate of Yale Law School, clerked for the U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware, served as Chief Counsel to Senator Howard Metzenbaum on the Senate Judiciary Committee, and directed the Consumer Services Division of the New York Department of Public Service.




Andrew Gillum
Director of Youth Leadership Programs

Andrew Gillum is Director of Youth Leadership Programs. An alumnus of Florida A&M University (FAMU), former president of the Student Government Association, and FAMU's first student member of the Board of Trustees, Gillum became the youngest person ever elected to the four-member Tallahassee City Commission in February 2003. Gillum has held prominent leadership roles such as Mayor Pro Tem, ChairmanCapital Region Transportation Planning Agency and lead commissioner for the Long Range Community Based Target Issue Committee. In keeping with his mantra to uplift and build the collective community, Gillum has championed several community initiatives including the Nims Middle School Digital Harmony Pilot Program, the Landlord Tenant Mediation Program; the Code Enforcement Amnesty Program; and the creation of the Silver Lake Neighborhood Park. Gillum served as Field Organizer and statewide Director of the "Arrive With 5" program with People For the American Way Foundation. He organized the largest "Arrive With 5" get-out-the-vote campaign in Florida's history. He also worked as Deputy Political Director with the Florida Democratic Party. He founded PFAW Foundation's Young Elected Officials program, which unites elected officials age 35 and under in a network which supports them with leadership and personal development training and public policy support.



Drew Courtney
Director of Communications

Drew Courtney is Director of Communications at People For the American Way where he oversees the organization’s communications and messaging. He has served as a spokesperson for print, television, and radio interviews, including appearances on Good Morning America, Politics Nation with Al Sharpton, CNN, and the BBC. Drew has helped to lead PFAW’s communications efforts surrounding the Sotomayor and Kagan confirmations, in addition to its work on LGBT equality, voting rights and combating right-wing extremism. Prior to joining People For, he worked in the office of Senator Blanche Lincoln, at an NGO dedicated to sustainable development in Africa, and as a public school teacher in rural Arkansas.





Peter Montgomery
Senior Fellow

Peter Montgomery oversees People For the American Way Foundation’s research and writing on the Religious Right, as well as our work to help progressives understand and more effectively communicate with important constituencies, particularly the reachable religious middle. Mr. Montgomery is a spokesperson for People For the American Way Foundation on a range of issues, such as the Supreme Court, the Religious Right political movement, religion and politics, LGBT rights, public education, and free speech. Before joining People For the American Way Foundation in 1994, Peter Montgomery was associate director of grassroots lobbying for Common Cause, where he planned and directed grassroots lobbying campaigns, volunteer recruitment, and media relations strategy. He wrote and edited for Common Cause Magazine, an award-winning journal featuring investigative reporting about the federal government.



Diallo Brooks
Director of Outreach and Partner Engagement

Diallo Brooks has over 18 years of nonprofit management experience working with national and state leaders to advance social justice policies that support and enhance everyone’s ability to live the American dream. In his current position as Director of Outreach and Partner Engagement at the People For the American Way/Foundation, Mr. Brooks serves as a national spokesperson for the organization and works to engage progressive partners and allies around People For’s social justice mission. Mr. Brooks previously served as People For’s Field Director where he was responsible for activating People For’s networks around campaigns and strategic initiatives to advance progressive goals. Prior to joining People For, Mr. Brooks was the Field Director for The Education Trust, Director of Legislator Relations for the Center for Policy Alternatives and Client Services Coordinator for Millennium Communications Group. Mr. Brooks also has served as Co-Chair and national spokesman for Black Youth Vote (BYV!) and is a current executive board member of the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation. Mr. Brooks has provided trainings for numerous nonprofits, local, state and federal elected officials and other institutions in the areas of values-based leadership development and organization management.

Minister Leslie Watson Malachi
Director of African American Religious Affairs

Minister Leslie Watson Malachi is the current director of African American Religious Affairs (AARA) for People for the American Way and People For the American Way Foundation. As the director, Leslie is responsible for program planning and implementation of the two core programs that make up AARA -- African American Ministers Leadership Council (AAMLC – C3) and African American Ministers In Action (AAMIA – C4). She has also created four new opportunities to inform and engage faith leaders: “Healing Grace – Shepherds Gathering: A Dialogue on The Black Church, Stigma, Prejudice and Homophobia,” VESSELS civic education and participation initiative, the Micah Leadership Council for faith leaders under the age of 40, and the VASHTI health and leadership initiative for African American women and girls. AARA endeavors to build a strong association of progressive clergy, theologians, seminarians and ministry lay leaders who will encourage African American churches and communities to become more civically engaged and promote social justice programs and policies in areas of public education, health care, equal justice, civic participation and economic justice for all. Representing now 2,000 women and men from various Christian traditions across the country, leaders participate in strategic trainings, issue briefings, projects and partnerships to faithfully and effectively provide a prophetic, progressive voice and presence that counters right- wing religious rhetoric and advances a vision of “a beloved community.” AARA is essentially a ministry that works with people of faith who believe in help and not harm, power and not pain, and hope in the face of hopelessness.

Jamie Raskin
Senior Fellow

Senior Fellow Jamie Raskin writes and speaks on issues related to the Constitution and the courts, and helps to advise PFAW and PFAW Foundation's work on behalf of constitutional justice, freedom and political democracy. Jamie is a professor of constitutional law at American University's Washington College of Law (WCL) and a State Senator in Maryland where he is Majority Whip of the Senate. He has written dozens of essays and law review articles and several books, including the 2003 Washington Post bestseller Overruling Democracy: The Supreme Court versus the American People, an analysis of conservative judicial activism and its corrosive effect on political democracy, and We the Students, which analyzes Supreme Court decisions affecting America's students. He has appeared on national television outlets including The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell, The Ed Show, and Hannity, and is a regular contributor to The Nation and The Huffington Post. He is a magna cum laude graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Law School, where he was an editor of the Harvard Law Review.

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