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Voting Rights

Voting rights are the very foundation of our democracy. Ensuring that every eligible voter has access to the ballot box is critical, particularly in an era where far-right state lawmakers continue to pass extreme and unconstitutional anti-voter bills. We will keep fighting for federal voting rights protections by whatever legal means necessary.

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There’s no way to sugarcoat it: the Senate’s failure to overcome a Republican filibuster of voting rights bills in January 2022 is a major disappointment to the Americans who make up the large and growing movement to protect democracy.

As we regroup and redevelop our strategy moving forward, one thing remains clear: the fight to protect our democracy will go on, and we will persevere in the end.

People For members are moving the needle on voting rights.

List of crporations who have donated to GOP Senators who have obstructed votes on voting rights legislation.

Demand that Corporations Stop Donating to Anti-Voting Rights Members of Congress!

If corporations want to support voting rights, they should stand by their stated support for voting rights and stop donating to the Republican lawmakers who are preventing the passage of desperately needed federal protections. Add your name today to demand that Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, Intel, Target, Dell, Cisco, and Boston Scientific stop donating to anti-voting rights members of Congress!

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