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Take Back Our Courts

We're fighting for courts that are fair, just, and work for all of us.

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We need courts that work for all of us.

It’s more urgent than ever to confirm fair-minded lower court judges and Supreme Court justices who understand the impact their decisions have on our lives. We need to take back our courts and advocate for judges and justices who respect justice and equality for all.

It’s time for a new perspective on the Supreme Court.

People For the American Way is fighting to take back our Supreme Court for the people. Join us!

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As part of our fight for our courts, it is crucial that the Senate promptly confirm Biden nominees to all open seats on the federal judiciary, in part to counteract the actions by Trump judges to strip away and undermine your rights and freedoms.

Use our Our Courts, Our Fight tool to see how Trump appellate judges’ rulings are affecting rights and freedoms in many critical areas.

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