Overturn Citizens United!

Decisions like Citizens United are wreaking havoc on our democracy by allowing special interests to spend unlimited amounts of money to influence our elections. By amending the Constitution to overturn Citizens United, we can restore government by the people!

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What is Citizens United?

What Is Citizens United?

In 2010, the Supreme Court ruled in Citizens United v. FEC that corporations have a constitutionally protected right to spend unlimited amounts of money in political campaigns. Citizens United opened the floodgates to unlimited outside spending in our elections and struck a devastating blow to our democracy. The size of one's wallet should not determine the strength of one's political power.

Beyond Citizens United: Bennett, McCutcheon, and Other Ominous Signs for the Future

After Citizens United, the conservatives on the Supreme Court continued to erode campaign finance regulation by using the principles of free speech to allow wealthy special interests to spend unlimited money in elections.

How to Fix Citizens United

Amending the Constitution to Overturn Citizens United: Why an Amendment is Necessary

Under the Court’s flawed interpretation of the First Amendment, our elected representatives in Congress and the states are hamstrung in their ability to control the excesses of election spending that we are currently seeing.

Current Legislative Remedies to Fix Money in Politics

There are no silver bullets in the fight to get big money out of politics -- we need a comprehensive set of policy solutions that can help reclaim our democracy for everyday Americans. As we fight to enact the Democracy For All Amendment, which would overturn decisions like Citizens United and permit commonsense campaign finance legislation in the future, we must also work to enact reforms that could have meaningful impact right now.

Citizens United and the Supreme Court

Big money in politics has become an existential threat to our democracy. So how did we get here? Short answer: The Supreme Court.

Take Action: Overturn Citizens United and Amend the Constitution to Get Big Money Out of Elections

We must amend the Constitution to undo the harm of decisions like Citizens United and McCutcheon, get big money OUT of elections and restore Government By the People.


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