Fighting Big Money in Politics

Americans know that special interest spending is wreaking havoc on our politics, but what is Citizens United and how can we fight for a democracy that works for everyone?

Citizens United v. FEC was a 2010 Supreme Court decision that paved the way for corporations and wealthy donors to be able to spend unlimited money to influence elections. The effects of that and other decisions have created an out-of-balance system where the size of your wallet determines the strength of your political power.

But Americans are fighting back against big money in politics. Across the country, there is a growing grassroots movement to overturn decisions like Citizens United and push for reforms to create a government truly of, by, and for the people.

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Money in Politics: The Problem

  • A series of damaging Supreme Court decisions have led to an influx of political spending and prevented elected officials from setting common-sense limits on money in politics.
  • With our current campaign finance landscape, wealthy special interests can set the political agenda: an agenda that’s not good for ordinary Americans.
  • Our big money system—which is dominated by a tiny segment of the population who tend to be wealthy white men—disproportionately harms women, racial minorities, and low-income people.

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Money in Politics: The Solutions

An enormous problem like big money in politics calls for comprehensive, multi-faceted solutions. Americans are organizing across the country to push for reforms including: a constitutional amendment to reverse decisions like Citizens United, small donor public financing, increased disclosure of political spending, and the real enforcement of existing campaign finance rules. Fighting for a democracy that works for everyone is hard, but across political ideology and background, Americans agree that the time for reform is now.

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By the Numbers:

The year the Supreme Court handed down its infamous Citizens United decision.

The number of states that have called for a constitutional amendment to overturn decisions like Citizens United.

3 in 4
The number of voters who support a constitutional amendment on money in politics.