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Ask Your Senators to Save the Supreme Court: Sample Script Opposing Brett Kavanaugh

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Ask Your Senators to Save the Supreme Court: Sample Script Opposing Brett Kavanaugh

During primetime on July 9, Donald Trump announced that he would nominate Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. As a name from the shortlist created by the Heritage Foundation and Federalist Society, we knew that Kavanaugh satisfied Trump’s litmus test as a person who would gut Roe v. Wade, affordable health care, and LGBTQ rights. We also knew that Kavanaugh believes that the president should be above the law—an important fact for a president who is the subject of a criminal investigation.

With the help of Senate Republicans, Trump has already put one Supreme Court justice, Neil Gorsuch, on the bench. He has been a reliable vote to dismantle voting rights, threaten religious liberty, persecute Muslims and immigrants, allow discrimination against people who are LGBTQ and even establish new precedent against the rights of unions and workers. More cases that will impact Americans’ civil and human rights are working their way through the courts today and the next Supreme Court justice will likely be the deciding vote on many of these cases.

The Senate can stop Brett Kavanaugh and his elitist views from taking over the Supreme Court, but they need to hear from you. Call your senators now and say you oppose this nominee. Even if your senator has expressed their plans to vote, your voice is critical to shaping the conversation. Here are some instructions to get you on your way:

  1. Call 844-248-4061 and to reach the senators in your state.
  2. Tell your senators why you oppose Kavanaugh. If you’re unsure of what to say, here is a sample script:

Hi, my name is _________ and I’m a constituent of Senator _______. I’m calling because I’m very concerned about Brett Kavanaugh, Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee. Kavanaugh’s record makes me question whether he’ll [choose one]

  • follow the Constitution and not his own political ideology.
  • put corporations and the powerful over workers and consumers.
  • dismantle protections for health care, including reproductive care and coverage of pre-existing conditions.
  • threaten the laws and institutions that help keep our water and air clean.

Does Senator __________ plan to oppose his nomination?

[If yes] Great. Please thank the senator for me, and let them know that I’m glad they are planning to take a stand and protect our rights and our Constitution.

[If no] Please pass along my message to the senator—I’m strongly urging them to reconsider their position on this, and to put the people of our state above partisan politics.

[If not sure] Please let the senator know that I am urging them strongly to oppose Kavanaugh. We need them to take a principled stand, for us and for the Constitution. The most fundamental rights of their constituents are at stake.

Thank you for your time.

  1. You did it! Congratulations.
  2. Set a calendar reminder to do it again tomorrow. Call every day if you can!
  3. Tell your friends and family to call their senators and spread the word on social media. Every voice counts.


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