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The Progressive Happy Hour: Cheers, Drew!

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The Progressive Happy Hour: Cheers, Drew!

Since we launched this podcast in October 2017, cohosts Drew Courtney and Cici Battle have covered political and pop culture issues ranging from the right-wing judicial takeover to intersectional organizing to Game of Thrones. We’ve gotten to know our cohosts a little more with every new episode, making this week’s farewell to Drew a bittersweet one.

In the April 26 episode of “The Progressive Happy Hour,” Cici chats with Drew in his last week at PFAW (and as cohost of this podcast) about what he’s learned about activism during his time at PFAW, a few of his proudest moments, and, of course, the upcoming Game of Thrones series finale.

Drew remarked, “The world has changed so much [since I started at PFAW] and then has changed back … One of the things that I’ve realized is the importance of continuing to fight year in and year out. Those were dark times before Democrats took back Congress under Bush; we were losing a lot of important fights … and we did some really good stuff [under Obama] … and then things changed … it reminds me that it’s a marathon, not a sprint.”

For folks that are just joining the progressive movement, Drew offered, “The best way to join the progressive community is to start the progressive community in your community … The activism that impresses me the most is the activism that people are doing close to home … that kind of work is often the most impactful.”

We’re sad to be saying goodbye to Drew, but the podcast will live on! Our production schedule will be slightly different going forward, but stay tuned for updates coming soon.

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