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Protecting Immigrant Communities

For decades, white supremacists have strategically driven their racism into the political mainstream. Under the guise of politics, they stoked fear and division to normalize hate in the Right’s rhetoric and policies—and set the tone for Donald Trump’s rise to power.

From day one, Trump’s racism has informed his administration’s immigration policies. His border wall, family separation policy, threats of mass deportation, attacks on DACA and other protection programs and radicalization of CBP and ICE endanger our American values of equality and justice for all. We must support fair immigration policies so that every immigrant, whether they are green card holders, asylum seekers or undocumented, is treated fairly and has the opportunity to succeed.

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Immigration in Trump’s America

The administration: Trump has filled his administration with racists like Stephen Miller and Ken Cuccinelli to enact his anti-immigrant agenda.

Abuses at the border: ICE and CBP are terrorizing immigrants through family separation, denial of asylum and prolonged detention of children.

Border wall: Trump has shut down the government, declared a national emergency and misappropriated billions to build his racist and ineffective border wall.

Muslim ban: Trump’s Muslim ban is religious discrimination implemented solely to stoke his anti-Muslim, racist base.

Denying humanitarian protections like DACA and TPS would leave millions without legal status and could eventually lead to deportation.

What we’re fighting for

  • Progressive legislation that includes pathways to citizenship, basic human rights protections and due process
  • Fair-minded judges who understand how the law affects immigrant families and workers
  • Pro-immigrant elected officials at every level of government who support immigrants and will fight for fair and humane immigration policies
  • Close the camps that are terrorizing asylum seekers and refugees, including women, children and LGBTQ+ people, in filthy, unsafe conditions, and where human rights abuses are the norm