Vote the Courts 2020: A Call-to-Action for Fair-Minded Judges

Now that we know the Democratic presidential candidates seeking the party’s nomination, it’s essential that we focus on one of the most critical issues the next occupant of the White House will face: the need to confirm fair-minded judges to our federal courts.

Candidates looking for progressive support—when speaking about their plans for the economy, health care, education and the environment—need to take the opportunity to lay out a compelling vision for something enormous that affects all of those issues: putting fair-minded constitutionalists on the federal judiciary, including the Supreme Court.

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Hear what the candidates have to say:
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Elizabeth Warren Endorses the #VoteTheCourts2020 Campaign

July 2019

“Today I want to talk about the importance of our courts and who sits on them. And tell you why I support the #VoteTheCourts2020 campaign. Since Trump’s election I have seen judge after judge come through the Senate and they all have one thing in common — a willingness to put a thumb on the scales for the rich and powerful at everyone else’s expense. Less than two weeks ago, five Republican-appointed justices handed over the keys to our democracy to a bunch of cheats by giving them the greenlight to partisan gerrymandering. And now, as the Supreme Court prepares to take on DACA, the stakes are higher than ever. We need to fight back. I’ll appoint fair-minded constitutionalist judges instead of far-right extremists. Judges who will value justice for all, not just for the rich and the powerful. Judges who will defend equality for the most vulnerable among us, not roll back constitutional rights for huge swaths of our country. And I’ll make sure that everyone gets a fair shake in our courts too. My anti-corruption bill makes Supreme Court justices follow the same ethics requirements that all other federal judges have to follow. No more payments from corporations for attending events and no more lavish getaways and fancy hunting trips funded by billionaires who have business in front of the courts. If we fight together, if we persist together, we can create a fairer and more equal and just America.”

Former Vice President Joe Biden

August 2019

“I want someone who understands the 9th Amendment means something. That there’s privacy, that the idea that the number of all those rights and facts is the reason why a woman has a right to choose. The reason why there is, in fact, the ability to. And so, I would not support anyone and never have supported anyone who thinks that a strict reading of the Constitution, like Bork argued, that unless it mentions explicitly in the Constitution that it does not exist, it’s up to the states to determine. And so, I want to make sure judges understand that this is a document designed never to be a statement on its own. It’s a number of all those amendments that make a difference and it makes a gigantic difference.”

Sen. Michael Bennet

August 2019

“Donald Trump, as a result, has put on the bench more judges than any other president in American history, almost twice as many over the same period of time as Barack Obama had. I think the best way of dealing with that is by electing a president who is committed to putting on the court people who are of good character and who will hue to the Constitution in the way that you described and will make sure, among other things, that a woman’s right to choose is protected and that Roe v. Wade is accepted as a precedent. That’s what I would intend to do.”

Mayor Pete Buttigieg

August 2019

“The first thing we’ve got to do first, of course, is to win… And when we do, seek nominees that think for themselves and understand that constitutional interpretation is not about guessing what one of the men who was around in 1787 believed, but rather taking an approach that is faithful to the letter of the Constitution and interpreting it in a way that makes sense in our time.”

April 2019

“I want judges and justices first of all who understand…the way that American life interacts with these constitutional texts… the other thing we really need is judges who think for themselves. The right to choose exists because of a Republican-appointed judge who thought for himself. The right to marry exists because of a Republican-appointed judge who thought for himself.”

Former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Julián Castro

April 2019

“Judges that want to be appointed need to understand the Constitution as it relates to today, not only some sense of what it meant 200 years ago and what society was like, but for today’s challenges.”

Sen. John Delaney

August 2019

This president, he’s been loading up the court with lots of judges that don’t actually represent mainstream America. And I want the courts to have fair minded judges who enforce the law and judges who are also committed to protecting the progress we’ve made as a society in individual rights, women’s rights and that’s really important to me.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand

August 2019

“So, I will only appoint judges and justices that believe Roe v. Wade is settled precedent, law of the land. As president, I will only appoint judges and justices that are competent, that can actually bring this country forward, not backwards.”

March 2019

“Smart. Honest. Fair. Qualified. Basics, right? We don’t really have that with President Trump. It’s a challenge … I voted against more judicial nominees and cabinet nominees than any other Democrat in the U.S. Senate, because most of his nominees are either unqualified or corrupt.”

Sen. Kamala Harris

April 2019

“The most important … reason for people to care about the outcome of the election is the United States Supreme Court … there will be consequences for who will be president and what kind of court they will shape.”

Gov. Jay Inslee

August 2019

“I would what I’ve done is to make sure we have candidates that recognize the fundamental obligation to respect the Constitution and believe diversity is a strength not a weakness and believe that a women’s right of choice is a constitutional right. Nominees would in fact make sure that they embed those in their thinking and would perform accordingly. I’ve been working on a whole host of issues with civil rights and I want to make sure my courts respect them. I was the first governor to stand up against Donald Trump’s Muslim ban that was a hate filled measure by him. And now we have sued and defeated him 22 times in a row. So I know the importance of courts and want to appreciate our Attorney General Bob Ferguson who has won 22 cases against Trump in a row and we need to make sure we have courts and judges that will respect these principles that are hard won freedom rights. And, by the way, that’s what a woman’s right of choice is. It is a measure, it is a liberty interest. You know, we celebrate the land of the free, home of the brave. This is the matter of a woman’s freedom to control her own destiny. That needs to be jealously guarded and defended and I would make sure to do so. ”

May 2019

“We need judges who are going to be good judges, and they need to support the constitutional rights of everyone, including the women of the United States, who have a clear, unambiguous constitutional right for freedom of their own personal destiny. I would appoint judges that would fulfill that mandate so that our courts look like America … We need to be more aggressive on behalf of the Constitution and our individual liberties.”

April 2019

“The first thing that I would look for is a sharp practitioner of law, who understands law. They have to understand the historical place of the judicial system in American democracy … I will look for people that will understand that critical nature that you have to stand up for our civil liberties, against sometimes the majority. I would look for diversity because we want more diversity throughout our democracy.”

Sen. Amy Klobuchar

August 2019

“That has got to be something where we hit the ground running on Day One. I actually put together over 100 things we can do in the first 100 days. And one of them is appointing judges. I’ve been pretty good about getting judges appointed that are fair minded and getting it done in a smart way and I’m going to do that as president.”

Rep. Beto O’Rourke

March 2019

“Some basic level of competency should be the first one … I want to make sure we have qualified, principled people who believe in people, in human beings over corporations, in human beings over special interests, [who] trust women to make their own decisions about their own bodies and reflect the diversity of this country.”

Sen. Bernie Sanders

April 2019

“My pledge to you … is that as president of the United States, I will appoint Supreme Court justices and nominate [judges] all across the board who will represent the needs of people of color, of working people, and who are prepared to believe and fight for justice – not just the people on top.”

Rep. Eric Swalwell

June 2019

“I would say I would nominate judges who are experienced, qualified, but also who would uphold the precedent of prior case law, but also understand the evolving times that we live in, and the ‘well-regulated’ part of a militia in the 2nd Amendment is an important interpretation of that Amendment, and protecting all of us.”

Marianne Williamson

August 2019

“I think the most disappointing about Hillary Clinton losing to Donald Trump because he has had the opportunity to put two judges on the Supreme Court, both of whom are strict corporatists and he’s had the opportunity to do a lot more on other levels of the judiciary.”

April 2019

“I would use every possible opportunity and every possible appointment…to bring back the people whose consciousness is in alignment with the idea that ‘all men are created equal’ and believe that this is a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.”