The Progressive Happy Hour Podcast

People For the American Way’s new podcast, “The Progressive Happy Hour,” is all about talking politics with pop culture, organizing with attitude, and the Constitution with a couple of cocktails. Every week hosts Christin “Cici” Battle, director of PFAW’s Young People For Action, and Drew Courtney, PFAW’s vice president for communications and research, discuss the big stories of the day and strategize about ways to create the America we want.

Meet the Hosts

Drew Courtney

Drew Courtney is the vice president for communications and research at People For the American Way, where his work has focused on organizing and messaging around fair and just courts and combating right-wing extremism. On the podcast, Drew shares his in-depth knowledge of the Religious Right, his obsession with Game of Thrones, and his abiding belief that the best accessory to any outfit is a Trump protest sign.

Christin “Cici” Battle

Christin “Cici” Battle is the director of Young People For Action at People For the American Way, our national leadership development program for young progressive change makers. On the podcast, Cici shares her expertise on youth leadership and civic engagement, her encyclopedic knowledge of pop culture, and her resolute belief in the need for self-care in Trump’s America—whether through spa days, wine, or yelling at your senators.

Listen and Share

You can listen to the episodes below or subscribe to The Progressive Happy Hour on iTunes, Stitcher, or wherever you get your podcasts. Follow us on Twitter at @TheProgressHH for the latest updates. And if your friends could also use a progressive happy hour to unpack the news, strategize for change, and raise a glass to the resistance, please spread the word to them!


January 19: The Fight Against ‘Citizens United’

January 12: Winning in 2018

January 5: LGBTQ Equality in the Trump Era

December 29: New Year’s Eve Spectacular

December 21: We Made It Through 2017

December 15: The Fight for Dreamers

December 8: A GOP Tax Scam

December 1: The Other Roy Moore Scandal

November 22: A Thanksgiving Spectacular

November 17: Trump’s Attacks on Our Courts

November 10: Changing the Face of Politics

November 3: Environmental Justice (and a Baking Scandal)

October 27: Trump Is Allergic to Powerful Women

October 20: The Birth Control Battles

October 13: Virginia is for Progressives

October 6: Shonda and the Supreme Court

September 29: Kaepernick and Korean Spas

A Sneak Preview